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Disney World Photography Tips - Walt Disney World in Focus

“The most exciting and by far the most important part of our Florida Project…in fact, the heart of everything we’ll be doing in Disney World…will be our Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow!  We call it EPCOT.”  – Walt Disney

Spaceship Earth – the crown jewel of Epcot and probably the most photographed icon on Disney property, second only to Cinderella Castle.  Standing 180 feet tall and covered with over 11,000 aluminum facets, Spaceship Earth is one of Disney World’s most classic attractions.  Inside Spaceship Earth, guests board “time machines” for a dark, slow, ascending ride through time.   Your journey, now narrated by Judi Dench, takes you through audio animatronic scenes from the early origins of man into the 21st century, with each scene depicting advancements of human communication throughout history.  The ride culminates at the very top of the geodesic sphere with a view of Earth from “outer space.”  Then, it descends backwards while you answer questions on a touch screen that leads to an interactive experience upon disembarkation.  I won’t give away any more about that for those of you who haven’t ridden yet, after all part of the fun is being surprised, right?

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