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Concert Photography Tips

I was recently asked how many concerts I've photographed, and realized that it is coming up on thousand in the last 15 years. Any given week you can find me shooting anything from a 20 person house concert to The Who in a 30,000 seat arena, and anywhere in between. Tonight, it will be an up-and-coming band called The Spring Standards, who I've shot 7 times in the past. They are a dynamic, high-energy band with a lot of emotion, character and flying hair to capture.

Typically, my concert kit is pretty straightforward. I shoot Nikon and have moved from D70 > D200 > D700 > D3s > D810. All of these have served me well for concert photography, but ideally you want something that gives you a relatively clean ISO 1600, at the very least. My standard lens choices are the 24-70 f/2.8, the 70-200 f/2.8 and I generally toss a 16mm fisheye in the mix if I know I'll be in the pit or close to the stage. Tonight, I am planning to mix it up a little, maybe ditch the 24-70 for a wide prime, and see how this new D750 likes being pushed. I am interested to see if it is clean at 6400 and what a little more shutter speed can do for this lively band. The D810 has been wonderful, but 36mp makes for a long edit the next morning, and there's really not a lot of cropping I do for concert photography.

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