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Samsung has announced the Galaxy NX - the world's first Compact System Camera that's designed to bridge the gap between smartphones and traditional digital cameras by supporting 3G/4G LTE data connectivity. Superseding the Samsung NX300 as the new flagship model in the NX-series, the Samsung Galaxy NX adopts the Android operating system that was rolled out in the Samsung Galaxy camera last year and offers greater flexibility with its interchangeable-lens design that makes it fully compatible with Samsung's line-up of 13 NX-series lenses.

At the heart of the Galaxy NX lies a 20.3MP APS-S CMOS sensor that's partnered by a DRIMe IV image processor. which is claimed to deliver the speed and accuracy that today photographer demand. With an ISO sensitivity range of 100-25.600, the Galaxy NX shoots a continuous burst as fast as 8.6 fps, with the fastest shutter speed being 1/600 sec,

For Autofocus, the Galaxy NX uses Hybrid system, which pairs 105 phase-detection AF points with 247 contrast-detect AF points, AF point selections is designed to stretch to the far edges of the frame while the combination of autofocus technologies promises a fast focus acquisition time of eight milliseconds.

The 4.8in Super Clear TFT LCD capacitive touch screen at the rear is enormous, and with no room for any buttons beside, users are reliant on the screen and scroll dial to set up the camera and adjust settings. To aid composition, there;s also an electronic viewfinder (SVGA). Which is activated by an automated eye-sensor.

Keen to push the serious photo capabilities of the Galaxy NX, the camera features the full set of PASM modes for more-experienced users, while an Auto setting is included for novices and beginners. The camera is also well equipped with more than 30 Smart Modes for those who'd like to produce creative images without having to master the cameras settings. Some of these Smart Modes include Multi-exposure. Drama, Animated Photo, Vignette. Miniature. Colour Bracket and Panorama.

For added personalisation. The Galaxy NX's Camera Studio feature allows users to set up and costumise settings with the most frequently used apps or camera modes o that photos can be captured more quickly for spur of the moment shot.

The Android 4.2 jelly Bean operating system opens up endless possibilities, with over 700.000 applications available to download from the google play store. Not only does this mean that you can Play Angry Birds on your camera. but you can also access a wide range of photography applications to both edit and share images on

20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
Samsung DRIMeIV Image Processor
ISO 100-25.600
Advanced Hybrid AF System
4.8in TFT LCD touch screen
8.6fps continuous shooting
full HD video at 25fps

Greats Operating System
You can Simultaneously Upload Your Photos to Dropbox and GooglePlus automatically, as you take each picture!
The Samsung Smart Apps ALso has a remote view-finder function which allows user to Remotely control the camera Using Samsung Galaxy NX-series

Serious read and write speed issues.
Very expensive.

To be able to borrow a footballing example, the new Samsung Galaxy NX is extremely much a game associated with two halves. In the 1st it delights with excellent image quality and the compelling ability to change and share your images via the Android OPERATING SYSTEM, but in the second it fades away since the convoluted interface, slow processing times and also sky-high price detract in the overall performance. The Samsung Galaxy NX can be a brave but ultimately mistaken first-generation product, too expensive to attract more casual users to purchase the better image quality it delivers, and not professional enough to tempt keen enthusiasts from rival interchangeable-lens systems.

In seeking to bring together the best options that come with the Samsung Galaxy and also NX300 cameras, with slightly sprinkling of the more mature NX20's DSLR-like design, Samsung have wound up with a product that ultimately won't satisfy any one its target user organizations. That's not to say we don't like the Galaxy NX - it produces excellent image quality, fast and reliable auto-focusing, a new rich feature-set, and a much better sharing experience than some other comparable cameras - it's exactly that we can't see exactly who will stump up this eye-watering Click here to see a price tag, especially as that doesn't also include any data costs to take advantage of the 3G/4G connectivity.

Ultimately we imagine that the Galaxy Camera serves the patron better, and the NX300 this keen prosumer - which is not even looking beyond the Samsung family. Despite it is huge potential, we are not able to justify recommending the Samsung Galaxy NX until its price, performance and user interface issues have been addressed.

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