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Nikon D3300 Reviews 2014

Can the D3300 Deliver everything that's expected from an entry-level model that's out to target the first time DSLR buyer?

Nikon D3300 evaluations - Nikon's entry level DSLR range has long benefited from a drip down effect, owing to the company's substantial stable of enthusiast and high end models. The Nikon D3300 follows on from the popularity of the D3100 and D3200, and its 24.2 MP sensor has sent the anti aliasing filter removed to see an improvement in sharpness.

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The introduction of Nikon's new EXPEED 4 image processor has two key benefits. Not only has it increased the maximum ISO to 25.600, the continuous shooting rate has also improved from 4fps to 5fps. On the rear, the D3300 maintains the same 4in, 920k-dot LCD as seen on its predecessor. It also set ups, sporting the 420-pixel RGB sensor and 11 point AF system that served the D3200 well.

One feature that debuted on the D3200 and retained in the D3300 is the model's graphical rear display. THe graphics represent aperture, shutter and ISO sensitivity, giving beginners a visual reference point to the settings they're changing. The aperture graphic is particularly pleasing, with it getting larger and smaller relative to the size selected. There's also a? button which can be pressed in conjunction with any of the settings which the activates a more in depth explanation of the settings beings used, serving almost as a built in instruction manual for those new to DSLR photography. THe body is constructed from the same polycarbonate as the D3200, and in terms of dimensions it's just 1mm thinner and 1mm shallower than its predecessor, although it is 2mm taller. The body itself is some 25g lighter, while the redesigned standard kit lens now has a collapsible design to make it some 30% smaller and 25% lighter.(Nikon D3300 critiques )

Nikon D3300 testimonials - The optical viewfinder is another area of improvement, with its 0.85x magnification being superior to 0.78x on the D3200. On the whole, the AF system delivers and entry level users should find the level of performance fairly comprehensive. While the 11 point AF coverage is never going to be quite as comprehensive as that found on systems with higher AF point counts, the 11 points themselves are well spread out across the frame. In use, the D3300 meets its 5fps shooting speed and the way it excels in this area, much like close rivals such as the Canon EOS 100D, is a welcome plus. (Nikon D3300 testimonials)

Nikon D3300 opinions - With regard to image quality, the standard colour setting delivers a pleasingly natural palette, while if you want a bit more oomph from your image then the "vivid" preset mode does a great job of lighting a scene. The sensor delivers an impressive dynamic range, which is more in line with cameras higher up Nikon's range, and thanks to the high pixel count and the removal of the low pass filter, the D3300 resolved 34 lines per mm (lpmm) on our test chart, reducing to 28 lpmm at ISO 6400 very impressive performance. ALthough there are signs of colour noise at ISO 800. it's not until ISO 12.800 is reached that luminance noise becomes a rea issue.

Nikon D3300 Verdict
The Nikon D3300 is a good demonstration of what entry level DSLRs can offer. it does lack inbuilt Wi-fi connectivity. THough this is probably understandable owing to the impressively low price tag. On the whole if you;re after an entry level DSLR with a high resolution yet don't want to break the bank, the D3300 should be near the top of your wish list.

Nikon D3300 is Best For
- Novices looking to step up to DSLRs
- if you want to learn advanced DSLR features as you shooting
- HD video with the option to attach an external mic

- Low price tag
- Impressive burst mode
- Reduction in size kit lens
- High resolution captures masses of detail

- Lack of built in Wi-fi might disappoint some users
- Issues with noise apparent at lower ISO settings

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4.5 / 5