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The actual Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1: 2014 product from the year

Lumix DMC-GM1 : 2014 product with the year,Lumix DMC-GM1 : 2014 product from the year,Lumix DMC-GM1 : 2014 product with the year,
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1

Starting at the very top, Panasonic’s DMC-GH4 camera offers fantastic still image quality, in addition to video image quality and control flexibility adequate to shoot a serious motion picture. It’s fully competitive with professional camcorders selling for $15,000 and up and may shoot in 4K along with 1080p.

The DMC-GH4 is so good that a lot of professionals are advertising off their previous gear and changing systems for them to use it. Panasonic said it is often a game-changer for the company, and My business is anxious to examination one myself. for the camera body, it is also less expensive in comparison with competing professional cameras that do not do just as much. If you love videomaking/filmmaking as much as you love taking pictures, I doubt there exists a better camera you can aquire than the DMC-GH4. It truly is compatible with over 50 lenses in the Micro Four-Thirds process.

The LUMIX DMC-GM5 may be the latest camera throughout Panasonic’s GM line, and the government to the DMC-GM1. The DMC-GM5 removes the built-in flash from the DMC-GM1 and features a small external model, but includes any built-in viewfinder and contains revised controls which render it easier to alter settings. I’ve tested one and actually thought the modified controls were more substantial improvement than the viewfinder, which is small.

Whether you get the DMC-GM1 as well as the DMC-GM5, you won’t go wrong. The DMC-GM5 is more flexible, but when you don’t need any viewfinder and favor built-in flash, the DMC-GM1 will last fine.

Finally, Panasonic’s DMC-LX100 created almost just as much interest at Photokina since the anxiously anticipated DMC-GM5. The DMC-LX100 is often a rangefinder-style camera with a fixed, fast Leica 24-75 mm equivalent contact lens. The camera provides traditional dials as well as aperture ring with regard to setting exposure, a big sensor, and the item shoots 4k online video.

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