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Nikon D31000

Amateur Photography - Nikon D31000, There's no doubt that the D3100 is one of the best entry-level SLRs available, offering very good image quality coupled with speedy operation and straightforward handling.
Nikon D31000
Nikon D31000

Reasons to buy Nikon D31000

    Very good image quality
    Beginner friendly interface, but with plenty of manual control
    Highly sophisticated AF system for the price
    Easily accessible and fast Live View mode and Movie controls
    Lots of in-camera Raw conversion and post-processing options

Things to consider Nikon D31000

    AF still a little sluggish in Live View mode
    Slight tendency to overexpose in contrasty conditions
    Will not AF all Nikon lenses (though most popular ones will work)
    White balance often excessively orange under artificial light
    Auto ISO logic is not well-suited for everyday casual shooting

Nikon D31000 Suggested for

First time DSLR users who want a camera that will encourage them to make the most of its capabilities.

Nikon D31000 Not suggested for

People wanting a camera that behaves just like their existing compact. Users for whom compactness is a priority.

Nikon D31000 Conclusion

With the addition of video and live view, Nikon has given its entry-level DSLR all the features its predecessor seemed to be missing. The result is an excellent beginner's camera that encourages the user to grow into it, whatever their existing level of knowledge. However, it's not alone in offering this and, though it's a great DSLR, there are plenty of equally attractive mirrorless alternatives.

Nikon D31000, I very much appreciate the relatively low cost and the available lenses for digital Nikons, I must admit to carrying around a point and shoot most of the time and using this Nikon mostly with a tripod less often. I have become a snapshot taker for most times.