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Bamboo bed sheets Grips Designed to Add Seems to be, Ergonomics, and Protection to your Camera.

Bamboo bedding Holds Made to Include Seems, Ergonomics, as well as Safeguard in your Photographic camera.
 J. T. Camera Designs

A business called J. T. Camera Designs can be selling a distinct premium bamboo grips for assorted popular digital surveillance cameras. These accessories affix to the base of your respective camera and are made to add “improved ergonomics, elevated protection, and an exceptional look. ”

The grips are around for popular cameras by simply Leica, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic — cameras such as Leica M240, Fuji X-T1, as well as Sony A7II.

Each of the grips is handcrafted out of strong and environmentally friendly bamboo. The company chose bamboo automobile natural properties: it’s light and portable, durable, and has natural grain to provide for a better grip.

For cameras that don’t have a very built-in ergonomic proper grip, the bamboo grip carries a solid aluminum vertical post that one could wrap your palms around:

J. T. says that the grips are more beautiful over period as oils from the hands and dents from usage help to increase its look.

There are holes on the bottom of the actual grips that let you access the battery and memory card slots of your camera and never having to remove the proper grip.

You can in addition attach tripods while using the standard thread using the Tripod Attachment Twist.

Each of the grips includes a lifetime guarantee as well as costs between.Amazon

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